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Reputable Companies, corporations, institutions and individuals coming to do business in Liberia and those already existing in the country, are becoming even more aware of environmental problems. In their effort to demonstrate their desire in handling various environmental consequences, which may arise as a result of their developmental initiative, these institutions need a one-stop shop environmental company to advise on and address mitigating social and environmental procedures which will be used in dealing with most of these arising problems, especially in a country that is still green in the knowledge of environmental issues and the consequences thereof. Thus, the HISTORY of Green Consultancy Inc. (GreenCons) was made.


The emergence of investments of all kind, ranging from mining (both onshore and offshore), small and large manufacturing industrials, agriculture and agro-enterprises, etc. challenge the environmental watchdog clothed by law to monitor the environment of the Country - the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia, to empower individuals with sound environmental knowledge to serve as Independent Licensed Evaluator of the Republic of Liberia. These individuals are to serve as consultant for all new projects under the EPA Mandatory EIA Listing.

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The brightest of some of these individuals with vast knowledge and experience in their field of studies coupled with years of experience in dealing with various situations in the environmental fields; who have worked with many institutions/companies and individuals, submitting on their behalf several environmental impact assessment reports to the EPA leading to the granting of environmental compliance certificate, have deemed it necessary to organize themselves into one professional and legal body - Green Consultancy Inc.
Green Consultancy Inc.
is a registered entity under the Liberian Business Corporation Act and is legally incorporated to do business in all areas of environmental consultancy.
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